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  • Diagnostic and Lab Procedures
    Here’s what you should know about your pet’s blood work. Just as we all need to get blood tests to find out why we are feeling sick, we need to do Read more
  • Boarding Services for Your Pet
    Leaving your pets behind isn't easy whether you're traveling for work or pleasure. Fortunately, boarding services offered by your Plaquemine, LA, veterinarians, Drs. Katie Berthelot and Charles Carville of Carville Read more
  • Importance of a Yearly Physical Examination
    A yearly physical examination is basically a routine medical exam of your pet that appears to be healthy, as opposed to a checkup of a pet that’s ill. Here at Read more
  • Helping Your Pet Recover From Surgery
    How will you care for your pet after their surgery? At Carville Veterinary Clinic in Plaquemine, LA, we help hundreds of furry friends with spaying, neutering, orthopedic surgeries, repair of Read more
  • Emergency Services for Your Pet
    It could be terrifying to see a precious pet suffering, particularly if you’re uncertain if you should go to your vet or let the situation take its course. Just to Read more
  • The Importance Of Routine Checkups
    Do you own a cat or dog? If so, you know that your family wants what's best for your pet, including regular health care. At Carville Veterinary Clinic, your veterinarians, Read more
  • Ear Infections in Dogs: Causes and Treatments
    Did you know that one-fifth of family dogs have some kind of ear disease? It's true, says the American Kennel Club (AKC), and frankly, these infections are nothing to ignore. Read more
  • Dental Treatment for Your Dog or Cat
    Maintaining good dental health for your pet can be simple. Each year, owners can inspect their dog or cat’s mouth for any signs of deterioration or other trouble. Don’t know Read more
  • The Importance of Pet Vaccinations
    Vaccinations are particularly developed to safeguard pets against various diseases. If you’re uncertain as to what vaccines your pets need to receive, you can consult with the veterinarians here at Read more

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