How Often Does My Pet Need To Have Their Teeth Cleaned?

Teeth cleaning services from your veterinarians in Plaquemine, LA, can improve your pet’s health.

Pets are like humans when it comes to their teeth. Your pets need their teeth cleaned too! Your veterinarian can help determine when your pet needs a dental cleaning, and how often a dental cleaning should be performed.

Dr. Katie Berthelot and Dr. Charles Carville at Carville Veterinary Clinic in Plaquemine, LA, offer a wide range of veterinary services, including teeth cleaning appointments to improve your pet’s health.

So, how often does your pet need to have their teeth cleaned? That depends on several factors, including:

  • Your pet’s age
  • Your pet’s diet
  • The overall condition of your pet’s teeth
  • How long it has been since your pet’s last dental cleaning
  • How much tartar accumulates on your pet’s teeth in a given time span

Dental cleanings are performed to remove tartar, which is the hard deposit on your pet’s teeth. Tartar accumulates from the foods your pet eats, combined with oral bacteria.

Harder pet foods help keep tartar buildup low due to the friction of eating them. Hard, chewable treats also help your pet’s teeth. You can also brush your pet’s teeth at home to keep tartar buildup to a minimum.

When you bring your pet in for regular yearly checkups, your veterinarian will examine your pet’s teeth and let you know how often your pet needs professional teeth cleaning.

Professional dental cleanings are performed while your pet is under general anesthesia, so your pet must be current on required vaccinations and healthy enough for anesthesia. Your pet’s teeth are cleaned with an ultrasonic device, which removes the hardened tartar deposits.

Regular professional dental cleanings help keep your pet’s mouth healthy and keep your pet’s overall health in top shape too.

To learn more about how teeth cleaning services can improve your pet’s health, call Dr. Berthelot and Dr. Carville of Carville Veterinary Clinic in Plaquemine, LA, at (225) 687-7387 now!

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