The Importance of Preventative Health Care

Routine checkups from your veterinarians in Plaquemine, LA, can keep your pet healthy.

Your pet is like a member of your family, and your pet’s healthcare needs are like those of a family member’s too. You want your pet to live a long, healthy life, so one of the most important ways you can help them is by providing preventive healthcare from your veterinarian.

Dr. Katie Berthelot and Dr. Charles Carville at Carville Veterinary Clinic in Plaquemine, LA, offer comprehensive veterinary care, including routine checkups to help keep your pet healthy.

When you take your pet in for regular preventive visits with a veterinarian, you are:

  • Protecting your pet against serious illnesses
  • Protecting your pet from needing costly treatment later on
  • Helping to prevent your pet from spreading diseases to other animals or humans

Regular preventive visits are important for many reasons. Your veterinarian will check your pet’s weight, diet, and other factors to help keep them healthy. Your veterinarian will also evaluate various factors including whether your pet is an inside or outside pet, and whether your pet is in contact with wildlife. These are all important considerations for their treatment.

Vaccinations are another vital part of your pet’s preventive healthcare because they will:

  • Keep your pet from developing life-threatening conditions like rabies
  • Prevent the spread of contagious diseases to wildlife and humans
  • Help you comply with state or local requirements for vaccinations

Preventive healthcare visits should start when your pet is about 6 weeks old, and continue on a yearly basis. If your pet experiences an illness, early treatment is critical to ensuring their continuing good health.

Your veterinarian can help your pet enjoy a long, healthy life. To learn more about how preventive care and routine checkups can help your pet, call Dr. Berthelot and Dr. Carville of Carville Veterinary Clinic in Plaquemine, LA, at (225) 687-7387 today!

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