Brushing Your Pets Teeth at Home

Want to know how you can keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy?

While caring for your teeth every day may come naturally to you, you may not have thought about the fact that your furry family member may need a dental cleaning every once in a while, too. Did you know that you can brush your pet’s teeth yourself? Brushing their teeth can help reduce plaque and tartar buildup and keep their gums healthy so they don’t deal with tooth loss and other dental problems in the future. From the office of our Plaquemine, LA, veterinarians Dr. Katie Berthelot and Dr. Charles Carville, here are tips for how to properly brush your pet’s teeth at home,

Choose the Right Toothbrush

Just as you use a soft-bristled toothbrush for your teeth, you can use the same tool to keep your pet’s teeth clean, too. When shopping for a toothbrush simply make sure that it’s the right size for your cat or dog’s mouth. If you have a small pet, you may even choose to use a finger brush that you can easily place over the finger.

You Don’t Need Toothpaste

Unlike humans, pets do not need toothpaste. In fact, your toothpaste is toxic to pets, so it’s important not to grab for the same toothpaste that you use. If you do choose to use toothpaste, you can find one at your local pet shop that is designed specifically for cats and dogs (after all, they deserve fresh breath, too!).

Start Slow

If your pet has never had their teeth brushed before, they may find the experience more than a little weird. Introduce them to the toothpaste by letting them lick a little off your finger first. Gently, lift their lip and apply toothpaste to the front surfaces of their teeth before carefully incorporating the toothbrush. Make sure to give your pet lots of reassurance, comfort and praise while brushing their teeth so they know everything is okay. You may even want to reward them after.

Brush Every Day

We know that brushing your pet’s teeth may be weird or maybe even a little challenging at first, but it’s important that you are brushing their teeth daily, whenever possible. If you find yourself having trouble brushing your pet’s teeth at least once a week then it’s time to talk with our Plaquemine, LA, veterinarians about other options such as special rinses or specialty diets that can help keep their teeth clean if brushing regularly isn’t possible.

If you have questions about how to care for your pet’s teeth, or you simply need to schedule their routine veterinary checkup here in Plaquemine, LA, call Carville Veterinary Clinic today at (225) 687-7387. We are here to answer any and all of your questions and to provide you and your beloved pets with the medical care they need to live long, healthy lives.

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