Helping Your Pet Recover From Surgery

How will you care for your pet after their surgery? At Carville Veterinary Clinic in Plaquemine, LA, we help hundreds of furry friends with spaying, neutering, orthopedic surgeries, repair of lacerations, teeth scaling and more. Plus, Dr. Carville and Dr. Berthelot counsel families on post-surgical care. Your consistent attention will get your animal through recovery.

When your pet comes home

After surgery, you must be very aware of your pet’s needs and wants. Your loving care will optimize recovery, avoid complications and give you some much-needed peace of mind.

At Carville Veterinary Clinic in Plaquemine, LA, we recommend you bring your cat or dog home only after medical release by Dr. Carville or Dr. Berthelot and that you follow all post-op instructions as outline by your care team.

One of the most important things you can do is to provide a safe, quiet environment that encourages rest, proper eating and elimination, on-time administration of meds and suture and bandaging management. Additionally, most animals, but dogs in particular, require quiet play to avert boredom and anxiety.

Details of post-op care

Our veterinarians advise the following general instructions:

  • Confine your dog or cat to a crate or a quiet, safe room as much as possible to ensure he or she doesn’t overdo activity.
  • Avoid stairs and strenuous play directly after anesthesia.
  • Administer any medications on time. Finish whatever is prescribed, including antibiotics.
  • Make sure you provide ample hydration and follow all dietary instructions.
  • Keep bandages and sutures dry for at least 10 days, advises Petful.
  • Ice the surgical site if swollen.
  • Use the E-collar around the neck as your vet prescribes.
  • Do physical therapy at home according to instructions.
  • Keep any recheck appointments at Carville Veterinary Clinic.
  • For dogs, a leash for walks and in the yard until fully recovered.
  • If you have questions...

    Surgery is a big deal for both pet and pet parent. So, if you have any concerns before or after your dog or cat’s operation, contact Carville Veterinary Clinic in Plaquemine, LA. Dr. Katie Berthelot and Dr. Charles Carville and their friendly staff want you and your furry friend to have the best experience possible. Phone us at (225) 687-7387.

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