The Importance Of Routine Checkups

Do you own a cat or dog? If so, you know that your family wants what’s best for your pet, including regular health care. At Carville Veterinary Clinic, your veterinarians, Dr. Katie Berthelot and Dr. Charles Carville, emphasize the importance of the annual physical. Prevent problems, and keep your beloved pet healthy for life.

What happens at a routine check-up

At Carville Veterinary Clinic, we treat your cat or dog as the individual he or she is. We consider the breed, age, activity level, home situation and more as your pet has a full body, nose to tail exam in a bright, clean treatment room. Here’s what the check-up includes:

1. Measurement of vital signs, weight and body size

2. Visual inspection of nails, ears, eyes, skin, teeth and fur (including state of the art video ear examination)

3. X-rays as needed

4. Review of your pet’s nutrition, activity level and behavior at home

5. Update of vaccinations for rabies, distemper and more

6. Performance of lab work for heartworm and physiological disorders, such as diabetes and liver dysfunction, as needed

7. Discussion of spaying and neutering as needed

8. Advice on preventive medications for fleas and ticks

9. Palpation of the animal’s abdomen, discussion of his or her eating habits/nutritional needs and any abnormal stools or housebreaking issues

10. Adjustments to care plans for ongoing health issues

The benefits of the annual exam

Dogs and cats develop and age far more rapidly than humans do. As such, diseases associated with middle- and old-age come up more quickly than you may think. A once a year check-up at Carville Veterinary Clinic spots problems early.

Really, your pet deserves it

Just as you do, Dr. Katie Bertholet and Dr. Charles Carville love to see family pets live long, vibrant lives and to get along well with their families. We deliver the best in diagnostics, treatments, surgeries and emergency care. Call us to arrange your dog or cat’s routine physical examination: (225) 687-7387. We look forward to helping you care for your pet.

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